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The Lightness of Her Bones


She looked like a piano teacher to me. She had that straight-backed look you get from sitting for hours on a piano stool. She was close enough for me to see that her fingers that clutched the boy’s shoulders were slender but strong. She was tall and middle-aged, and clearly angry.

“I bet she raps their knuckles when they get the notes wrong,” I said aloud, absently.




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20 July 2015

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Feeling boxed in by the rigour and structure required in my career as a research and teaching academic, I now want to follow flights of fancy and try my hand at creative writing and social media. This could be challenging so comments and advice from seasoned bloggers are most welcome!


    • peeversandpenguins

      Haha. I am working towards an anthology but I think they are still very simple. I don’t have a lot of time to really research them and work out good points of view, voice, and plot. Please share with your friends e.g. Phyllis and Crit.

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    • peeversandpenguins

      There are another two coming but not had time to finish them yet.


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