Get this


There I was, dancing naked on the front lawn of suburbia, my heart pumping to the pulse of the sprinkler, spray-wet skin and diamonds beading my hair.

“Dance with me.” I screamed at you; at your bedroom window, no longer our bedroom window.


I saw you cowering behind the curtain. I felt your blood run cold. I saw you turn uncertainly to the woman, no girl, behind you. She is deranged, you would say, and pull a sheet around your nakedness, exposed by my nakedness, outside, not in. Mad bitch, mad, mad. I felt your fear as you saw your world come crashing down. I threw up my arms and laughed.


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3 thoughts on “Get this

  1. Wow, this is a brilliant story! I loved reading this – very absorbing and Carver like. Loved the idea of the sprays of water. Well done, I’m away to read it again xxx

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    1. Hi Allychat, thanks for the encouraging comment. This was my homework essay. I now have to write the essay. I’m so glad I am only doing one class – you must be feeling a bit swamped with several assignments at once.


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