Chocolate Brownie


There was a woman who walked her dog every day to the woods. She walked past an old man’s house. The man’s name was Alex. He watched her as she came out, and went back into her house. He watched her in her garden, and at night he watched her through her lit-up windows when she did not know he was watching. But she did know because he liked to complain to Fred from the social and Fred knew her friend Jean, but the old man did not know that she knew, so he talked and talked.


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2 thoughts on “Chocolate Brownie

  1. This story kept me engaged the entire way through! I have to say it would creep me out to have anyone watching my every move, but I think it was nice that she finally made a move to call a truce and they ended up being friends. Nice twist about the hazelnuts… I really did not see that coming. Jean really should’ve told her so she wouldn’t eat them anymore!

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    1. Thank you so much. This is the first serious comment I have had on my blog. Much appreciated! I am likely to go back in and edit this story to get rid of some of the clunky bits. Lovely to hear that it kept you reading. 🙂


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