Man and Dog

The road to the common passes our kitchen window. It is like a daily private showing of Crufts. An old man with curly hair and a suntan matching the colour of his overcoat limps by. He is led by a brown wire-haired Dachshund, also elderly but more agile than his human. The dog waits, they exchange glances. A smile and a corresponding twitch of ears. They move on. I drink my tea.

2 thoughts on “Man and Dog

  1. Brilliant, could actually see the man and his dog – sometimes we and our pets are alike, it must be a subconscious thing when choosing a pet. My boy Charlie was a stray from the hills, with ginger flashes to his nature – (my mother always said not to argue with a red haired temper) hmm… I suppose we are more alike than I like to admit. Great observations ๐Ÿ™‚ x

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    1. Ally, thanks. I was trying to make it as short as possible. It was such a great scene. The man’s skin, his coat and the dog were all the same shade of brown. It was a team in action or like Philip Pullman’s daemons. They were so connected and in deep emotional communication.


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