My Sister’s Life


I was twelve years old when I first realised I was walking on water. Before that I was home-schooled and no-one had much hope for me. But I survived. My sister was at private school and would have stayed there had I not hung on. The cost of my tuition was sucking the funds from her education pot so our parents had no choice but to dismiss my tutor, and pull her from the posh school. That is how we ended up at the local academy where normal kids go, and that is when I saw how much her life differed from mine.


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2 thoughts on “My Sister’s Life

  1. I loved this story – your characterisation is so good, I could see both sisters clearly and found it heart warming at the end. Did her parents treat her worse because she was going to die? I’d like to read more of this – when’s the next chapter coming? Did her twin sister (the favourite one) get on with her or did she resent her? I want more…please! xx

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    1. Hi Allychat, thanks for liking it. This is the one that I thought was a bit “Peoples Friendy.” In my mind they didn’t treat Jo worse deliberately but she had not been expected to live so they lived in fear of her dying and could not emotionally plan for a future that might not happen. Louise however was healthy and carried the whole burden of her parents’ hopes and dreams for herself but also for her brothers and sisters that did not survive. She could be seen as spoiled but the pressures on her were enormous. The mother is the real victim, torn by love, responsibility, fear and guilt. At the end, Jo has an epiphany and suddenly realises that her life in comparison is free. Hey, thanks for asking about it – it made me work it out! LOL! 🙂


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