pie ‘n’ chips

Pie please.

Scotch pie. Pie ‘n’ chips.

Salt and vinegar, just the job,

wrapped in the news,

it cost two bob.

On frosty nights there’s

nothin’ better,

pie and chips and

bein’ the ‘gether.

goan doon Kirk Loan and

roon’ the bend,

clutched tae my heart

like ma best friend.

Ah fund a bench,

and there ah stopped

spread the feast across ma knees.

wished ah’d remembered

tae ask fer peas.

And now ma frozen fingers pick,

first the crust

and then a chip

burnin’ haunds and

scalded tongue,

salt n’ grease upon my lip.

Hot and steamin’

now the meat,

pastry-crusted what a treat.

A chip fer you

and twa fer me.

lick yer fingers,

gies a kiss

ah love ye doll

but widnae miss

ma Friday nights

wi’ pie and chips.