stop for lunch and eat my sandwich at my desk. I look out through grimy leaded panes and see a flash of gold; startling on a grey day. It is a girl in a yellow flamenco dress, doing a twirl outside the college gates. It is January and -4 outside. Her heavy snow boots and sheepskin jacket do not detract from the graceful execution of her dance. Is she dancing to keep warm? She hands out leaflets and from here I can’t see what they are. To save old horses in Spain perhaps for she prances after some students who take her leaflets and laugh. One returns, he takes the bundle from her and places it down. He blows on her hands, and rubs them in his. They laugh. Their breath hangs in the cold air. They raise their hands to the cloud, this is our cloud we made it together. They hand out the rest of the leaflets. Her yellow dress swirls. He struts a clumsy dance one hand on his hip, she stamps her feet and circles him. A gold mist envelopes them, is this love blooming on a grey street on a grey day? I check my screen. A Facebook friend posts that it is snowing in Barcelona. Who would believe it? My lunch is up. I leave them to canter home.

MVJ 2015