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Living the Dream


“What would You know?”

It was the wrong response. The cab lurched forward. The driver barked something unintelligible at her, his eyes pierced hers in the mirror. His soothing tone was gone and she felt the tension mounting as he slammed the wheel back and forth, navigating the sharp bends on the mountain road. He was shouting and shouting at her, spit spraying her face as he turned to yell.


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  1. Wow edge of the seat stuff! I know how she feels – have often felt like that myself, but after a good run and a bottle of wine I’m usually fine, lol. Scarey taxi driver!! Great story, well done xx

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    • peeversandpenguins

      This is a story told to me by a friend and it was her own experience. I made the ending happy for her!


  2. peeversandpenguins

    Thank you for visiting and taking time to leave a comment. It will inspire me to write some more.


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